This provides summary of the software development requirements such as various kinds of Use case, functional model, ZEITGEIST-I etc required for growth and development of the machine.

Objectives and goals
The success of the work is based on how well the customer interacts using the system and just how well the interfaces is adaptable and simplicity of use to the customer, The primary objective of the project would be to successfully implement the program solution to offer the company’s Products and Services Tracking. The objective of this software developments is based on how well what’s needed are understood and just how this can be developed using proper planned phases in various modules. The Inventory Control System for the Home security camera Installation and Maintenance Shop’s (Security Shop) main purpose would be to offer the company’s Services and products Tracking Department. It shall help tabs on the three main items that the store offers, namely, Surveillance/Security Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Surveillance System Accessories (see Glossary for details). The machine shall maintain specific information about each inventory item. Past the main inventory control system from the software, the machine shall provide the capability to conserve a vendor list and a customer list.
The seller list shall contain contact details in addition to specify which items in the inventory that are given by the seller. The customer list shall similarly maintain contact details as well as display the products the customer has requested. The machine shall get one degree of security. Upon logging in to the system, the consumer shall have a lot of ways to communicate with the system. The consumer will be in a position to create new inventory items, vendors, and customers. The consumer shall also be able to update existing information for items and companies that already appear in the database. The machine shall also allow the user to output a series of reports that display the current state of the store along with a list of vendors. The machine shall also maintain a list of services that the store offers to its customers.

Statement of scope
The Scope of the Project would be to provide an interface towards the customers that may interact with the machine on the internet based form which generates the list of order or repairs etc to the administrator and also to the client. This kind of format is extremely reasonable to handle and maintain for both administrator and to the customer. The List of major input, processing etc is presented below as well as their ranks will also be specified.
The system will be a credit card application accessible through either a laptop or pc. It shall prompt the consumer for a password. Upon entering these details correctly, the user shall have the inventory control system. There will be several ways the user will be able to interact with the inventory control system. Most importantly, the user will be in a position to see the current condition of the store’s inventory. The user shall do this by requesting a report from the system. The report shall display, based on the kind of report requested, either:

All Home security camera Types available along with quantity and vendor information
All Security DVR types available together with quantity and vendor information
All vendors
All CCTV Store accessories
If a new product is provided through the store, the user shall are capable to include new inventory items in to the system for tracking, complete with technical specifications and vendor information. To assist keep up with the current store’s inventory state, the consumer shall be capable of update the quantity of products at hand when 3 new inventories are purchased. In order to update the inventory, the user will need to go into the number of items purchased, the acquisition date, and the cost. The consumer shall also be able to delete inventory components of the case that they’re no longer provided by a vendor or the store. Every different inventory item will be differentiated by a code automatically created by the machine. Similar codes will be made for the objective of identifying vendors and customers.

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