Vertical Platform Lifts – Eight Types of Lifts to Fit Your Stairs and Your Disability

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Why are so many people looking into electric stair chair lifts? When you have lost your ability to move about your house, and especially are not able to climb the stairs, it feels like being trapped sometimes. Other times, a family member might be able to help. Yet again, a worrisome thought appears: Will I have to move out of my home because I can not handle the stairs anymore? Will I have to go to a nursing home? Or: What if I fall?

In this article you will find eight possible choices for the

Vertical Platform Lifts at your home. Depending on your physical abilities, and on the floor plan of your house, one or more of the solutions should work for you, helping you stay in your home and continue being independent and flexible in your own home. The types of electric stairlifts that you can look into are: Straight stairs vs curved stairs lift, Standing vs. sitting riding position lift, Outdoor vs. indoor lift, DC powered vs. AC powered stair lift.

Straight stair lift vs. curved stair lift

The first thing you need to look at are the stairs that you need to climb. Are they completely straight up, with no intermediate flat sections? If so, you are a candidate for a straight stair lift. These are usually much less expensive and easier to design and install. Curved designs need quite a bit more elaborate surveying process to take the measurement of the stairs, they take a bit more manufacturing skill, thus the increased cost.

Standing versus sitting riding position stairlifts and Vertical Platform Lifts

Normally you should opt for the sitting riding position stair chair lift. It just makes more sense, it provides a lower center of gravity which enhances stability of the ride. Also, the chair or the seat with its backrest and armrests offers much increased stability and comfort. The only reason you would want to consider a standing stair lift is the inability of the passenger to bend their knees or the extremely narrow stairs that do not accommodate the seated passenger. To increase stability and safety, be sure that the standing stair lift has rails and bars that you can safely hold on to during the ride.

Outdoor versus Indoor?

If your stairs are partially outdoors, you need to make sure that the stairlift is protected against the sun rays, the wind, the rain and the dust or mud. You need to install an outdoor stair lift and you need to follow the maintenance procedures carefully to fully protect it against untimely deterioration.

AC vs DC powered chair lifts

The trend for the past 20 years has been that with the advances in battery technology, battery powered electric stairlifts have gained traction compared with the AC powered stair lifts. When a battery powered lift is allowed to charge anywhere along the path, you will never run into the problem of a flat battery. You will be unable to use the AC powered lift when the electric power in the house is lost. However, especially in the outdoor chair lifts, AC power may still be preferred due to less maintenance and larger tolerance to extreme temperatures of the AC powered lifts.

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