All of our customers have different needs. That’s why we offer a range of highly efficient, personalized security alarm services. You receive the precise right solution for your situation and budget.
Life Safety services
Intrusion, fire, water damage and mold, gas leak, frozen pipes or a fall: Protection supplies a full-range of monitoring services to safeguard you against these dangers. Intrusion monitoring
a house intrusion not just means the theft of your belongings. Even when they’re insured, nothing can replace their sentimental value. A break-in also leaves a sense of violation.
Our state-of-the-art monitoring centers keep close track of your house 24/7 and therefore are prepared to respond when an alarm occurs.
Nowadays, staying at home is no longer a deterrent to theft. That’s why we’re there for you personally at all times!
The intrusion monitoring service is included in all of our packages.
Monitoring of extreme temperature fluctuations
is informed of abnormal temperature fluctuations and stop damage caused by frost! This will let you prevent frozen pipes from bursting, which could happen often in case your home’s central heating system stops working.
The monitoring of maximum temperature fluctuations is roofed in three of our packages
Enhanced security services
Extended service, reimbursement of your allowable, patrol/guard duty service, electronic messaging, voice response: take a look at Protection’s advanced security services!
Interactive security and home automation services with interactive home automation services, you remotely monitor your home and manage your house security system, heating and lighting systems, door locks and small appliances!
Connect your home security system to your email address or Smartphone! You will get notifications at all times about the status of the system and exactly what is going on in your house, including when your youngsters are home from school secure.
Simple as 1-2-3!
Zeitgeist-I is an automated, alarm-based communication service that offers every advantage: simplicity, mobility, flexibility, and speed. Subscribers not only enjoy our remote monitoring service, they’re also notified associated with a status changes as soon as they happen. We can reach them wherever they are-at home, in the office, or on the highway. It’s truly the ideal solution for remaining in touch with the family
Subscribers are notified as soon as a person activates or deactivates the safety system. As much as three people can receive these messages at once. What’s more, depending on the various sensors and detectors linked to the system, Zeitgeist-I may also send other special signals to help you react quickly to situations like a broken freezer or a flooded basement in the cottage. Another advantage is the fact that Zeitgeist-I doesn’t need installing of a particular brand, model, or device. It works with many home security systems and all sorts of devices that can receive digital or alphanumeric messages.
Your security system is activated and deactivated by one user.
The machine sends an indication to our remote monitoring centre.
Receive your Zeitgeist-I messages on your
Mobile phone (email or SMS)
This particular service is included in most our packages.

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